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is a sanskrit word meaning  “a way", "a means", "an effort” to achieve a purpose. 


Our mission is to provide our students with a ”means” to seek within themselves, for the one who seeks within is never left without.


Our yoga practice has a holistic approach to the overall wellbeing of our students. While asanas help in the physical aspect, pranayama helps in controlling the mind through systematic breathing. Our guided meditation takes one through the journey of calming the mind and connecting with one’s higher level of consciousness. We add a wee bit of jnana, the knowledge that keeps one pondering. The answers for which lie within, like the ember in the ashes! 

Upaaya is founded on the principles of karma yoga. We strive for excellence in our actions while being detached to it - Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam.


Our vision is to generate resources through our teachings and make a difference in the lives of the less privileged. Your contribution provides the Upaaya for someone in need. 

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yoga-sthah kuru karmani sangam tyaktva dhananjaya
siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutva samatvam yoga ucyate

Be steadfast in yoga, O Arjuna. Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga.

-Bhagavad Gita 2.48

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"Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realise" - Yoga of Synthesis

- Swami Sivananda

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Our Teacher

Dipti Sampath is a RYT 500 PLUS - Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance®.

She incorporates a variety of traditional hatha yoga practices in movement, breath and meditation to help each student practice and explore their own unique form of yoga.


A management consultant by profession, she has practiced yoga since 2005 helping her grow stronger both on and off the mat. 


In 2013, Dipti did her Yoga Instructor Course from S-VYASA University, India and in the following year did her Masters in Yoga (Yoga Acharya) from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, India.

She has taken up various courses from Vipassana, MCKS Pranic healing and Art of Living, which have aided her in her journey to seek within.

The wisdom gained from Indian Philosophy gave a whole new perspective to life giving it a purpose. She best describes herself as a student, mastering the art of being equanimous and “in the moment”! 


Dipti has a strong desire to teach and share her knowledge and experience with the world around her thus enabling her to contribute towards the benefit and upliftment of our society.

Upaaya is the first step towards her dream. 

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We are an online office, if you would like to meet in person we live in the whereabouts of Baulkham hills, Sydney NSW - 2153

You can reach us on +61 468 447 105 or in one of the below ways

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